Welcome to MAREA

MAREA is a renewable energy and sustainable living organization. Our goal is to help individuals and families get good answers to big questions about what each of us can do, really do, to improve prospects of a sustainable future. MAREA is an educational nonprofit and our sole motive is to help people do good things.  Welcome!

TEK Park Speaker Series: Hemp in Pennsylvania–Past, Present and a Sustainable Future

Tuesday, April 30
TEK Park Innovation Center

To say today that hemp can be used in more than 25,000 products, sounds like a gross exaggeration, but it’s not! Not only can hemp be used to replace many products made from wood and plastic, it can also be used to make existing products better, stronger and more sustainable.  With many recent headlines and developments in the field of hemp, a pair of experts in hemp policy, industry and history will present and answer your questions at our April meeting.  Hope you’ll join us! Details…

Book Discussion: The Third Industrial Revolution

Thursday, May 9
Kutztown Community Library

From his vantage as President of the Foundation of Economic Trends, author of 18 best-selling books, and influential international advisor, particularly to European governments and international corporations,  Jeremy Rifkin offers a compelling vision and social roadmap of how renewable energy and the internet will transform the economy and society in the third industrial revolution. Details…