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At the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association, our goal is to help individuals and families get good answers to big questions about what each of us can do, really do, to improve prospects of a sustainable future. MAREA is an educational nonprofit and our sole motive is to help people do good things.  Welcome!

Thanks for another great year!
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MAREA’s monthly speaker series at TEK Park will resume in January 2020. We are already working on the lineup and will let you know details as soon as they are available.

Meetings are at 7:00 pm on the last Tuesday of the month, January through October. They are free and open to the public. We hope you will enjoy us to learn together and chat with kindred spirits over coffee and light snacks. Please send any speaker or topic suggestions you may have to hello@themarea.org. We are always happy to hear from you! Also, watch for other MAREA events and activities here, on FaceBook or join us on MeetUp.  Easier yet,  join our email list (not to worry, we only send a couple a month and won’t share your  info with others.)

Book Discussion: The Tipping Point

Thursday, November 14
Kutztown Community Library

Author of five New York Times bestsellers, Malcolm Gladwell takes us inside that magic moment when an idea or behavior catches fire and takes hold in society, showing us what makes trends successful. Perhaps The Tipping Point will help unlock some of the magic needed to address climate change as we explore prospective insights in our on-going journey to make a more sustainable future.  Details…