Welcome to MAREA

MAREA is a renewable energy and sustainable living organization. Our goal is to help individuals and families get good answers to big questions about what each of us can do, really do, to improve prospects of a sustainable future. MAREA is an educational nonprofit and our sole motive is to help people do good things.  Welcome!

TEK Park Speaker Series: The Green Amendment, Securing Our Right to a Healthy Environment

Tuesday, January 29
TEK Park Innovation Center

In 2013, Maya van Rossum and her team won a watershed legal victory that breathed legal life into the constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment. Following this victory, van Rossum inaugurated the Green Amendment movement, dedicated to empowering every American community to mobilize for constitutional change, and authored, “The Green Amendment: Securing the Right to a Healthy Environment.” We’re delighted to have her as our first speaker of 2019! Details…

Book Discussion: Half-Earth

Thursday, March 14
Kutztown Community Library

Our diverse natural world cannot just be specimens in a museum without much more significant impact to our life on earth. World-renowned biologist and Pultizer Prize-winning author, Edward O. Wilson shares the intricacies of the natural world and what it will take to save it.  Join us for a diverse and connective discussion of this provocative book.. Details…