Why We Are Here

The Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association (MAREA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to educating and engaging the public and advocating for renewable energy production, energy efficiency and sustainable living.

We encourage energy conservation (using less energy, period), energy efficiency (using the energy we do use as carefully as we can), and the use of renewable energy (clean and renewable sources), in that order.

Like you, we recognize that change is needed on many fronts: technology (of course), but also behavioral (cultural) and policy. MAREA aims to contribute to elevated thinking and doing in all of these aspects. For more detail about how we see these pieces fitting together, please see our Hierarchy of Sustainable Living.

From an energy perspective, it’s like this…Turn off the lights when you leave the room. When you do use lights, use LEDs. Power them with solar. Help your neighbor do the same.

Each step involves an informed individual with access to good options.¬†¬†MAREA’s mission is to help each of us better understand how our actions matter and what our better options may be.

It is MAREA’s goal to contribute to a world where our collective energy use is fair and sustainable, our air, water and climate are safe, and energy sources are plentiful.

Your membership makes these activities possible. If you can help, please join MAREA.

Your support is greatly appreciated and your dollars are used carefully.