Covid-19 and Climate Change

As we experience the impact of Covid-19, a global pandemic affecting almost everyone and changing how we live our lives, we need to also consider the impact of Climate Change, already affecting almost everyone and changing how we live our lives, only with consequences far more impacting to come.  Covid-19 is receiving a lot of our attention.  Unfortunately, Climate Change remains on the periphery of our awareness and in our response.

At MAREA, we find ourselves drawing parallels between Covid-19 and Climate Change.  A few of our board members share their observations in the following videos.

Kurt Reinhart decided to compare Covid-19 and Climate Change is his “Top Ten List of How the Coronavirus is like Climate Change”:

Dzidzor Essien, PhD compared the impact of Covid-19 to the health effects of worldwide Air Pollution, one of the more visceral effects of the sources causing Climate Change in this video:

Charles Coe, PhD sees the opportunity to capture the CO2 emission improvements we have encountered during the Covid-19 response for more permanent corrections:

Kurt Reinhart shares a personal assessment of the magnitude of the problem we face, sharing a statistic from a book we discussed in our Book Discussion group, The End of Stationarity by Mark Schapiro (see Books and Films)  compared to the energy he has converted from his rooftop solar array: