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Advances in Battery Technologies and their Impact on our Daily Lives

Exploring viable batteries

Our essential activities are increasingly powered by batteries. Batteries are also a cornerstone in the shift towards cleaner, more sustainable energy systems. Derek Hall, Professor in the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Penn State University, will explore the remarkable journey of battery technology, focusing on its pivotal role in three critical areas: electric vehicles (EVs), home energy storage, and large-scale applications. He will discuss the innovative materials and designs that have driven these advancements, the challenges that lie ahead in terms of scalability, sustainability, and safety, and the promising future directions in battery technology. His presentation aims to explain the transformative impact of batteries on our daily lives and the global energy landscape, offering insights into how they may shape a more resilient and sustainable future through new technologies like flow batteries and thermally regenerative batteries.

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Derek Hall

Derek Hall is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Penn State University. His research activities focus on fundamental and applied electrochemical engineering problems important to the energy industry. His current research projects focus on thermally regenerative batteries, electrocatalysts for redox flow batteries, metal-solution interfaces in powerplant water cycles, and new electrochemical sensors for gas pipelines.