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Digging Deeply into Geothermal for a More Renewable Future

September 28, 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:30 pm

Recording of Dr. Tester’s presentation

Heating has been one of our biggest consumers of energy and one of the most dependent upon fossil fuels. What if we could use the vast heat reserves of our earth to help us heat our homes directly? What if we could scale that heating up to heat an entire campus or a business district?

Video of the Cornell Earth Heat Source Project, a major step towards developing Geothermal into a greater contributor of Renewable Energy

Jefferson Tester, Cornell professor of Sustainable Energy Systems, is preparing to do just that on the Cornell Campus in their Earth Source Heat project. Dr. Tester is also investigating how geothermal heating on a broader scale can not only tame our heating dilemma but also produce renewable electricity as well.

By clicking above, view Dr. Tester’s online live presentation about the Earth Source Heat Project and all things Geothermal to dig deeper into a more sustainable future.