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Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants

Invasive plants grow rapidly, spread aggressively, and displace our native plants. They can cause a decline in species diversity, inhibit regeneration success, slow natural succession, and degrade wildlife habitats, directly impacting food webs. This presentation will discuss why we should all be concerned about invasive plants, particularly if we are interested in songbirds. An integrated … Continue reading "Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants"


Charging Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Pennsylvania

With so many new electric cars becoming available, charging availability emerges as the spoiler. Does someone have a plan? Fortunately, in many parts of the country, and in particular, in Pennsylvania, there is a plan. In our January meeting, we meet Colton Brown, Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Coordinator for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Colton shares details … Continue reading "Charging Electric Vehicle Infrastructure for Pennsylvania"