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If You Plant Them They Will Come

Learn how the plants you plant will attract the pollinators you need to support a healthy and vibrant backyard ecosystem. Master Gardener, Jane Shull, takes us on her journey into the world of butterflies and other pollinators made possible by the plants she cultivated to support all the stages of each pollinator’s life-cycle. It’s love … Continue reading "If You Plant Them They Will Come"


Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants

Invasive plants grow rapidly, spread aggressively, and displace our native plants. They can cause a decline in species diversity, inhibit regeneration success, slow natural succession, and degrade wildlife habitats, directly impacting food webs. This presentation will discuss why we should all be concerned about invasive plants, particularly if we are interested in songbirds. An integrated … Continue reading "Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants"