Touring the SEF Net-zero Green Headquarters

Tour of the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) new net-zero green headquarters where solar electric, solar thermal, sustainable building design and materials all integrate into a net-zero energy-use building. Following our tour, Larry Eighmy, Chairman of the SEF Board, presented "Tools for Living More Sustainably." Portions of this event were recorded. You can watch Larry Eigmy's ... Read more

Walk in Penn’s Woods

Walk in Penn’s Woods is for people across Pennsylvania to visit and learn about the forests that enhance our well-being. Forests are always working for us, providing recreation, wildlife habitat, beauty, improved water quality, clean air, wood products, carbon storage, and more. Walks are offered in various locations throughout the state at various times. For ... Read more


Recycling and the Circular Economy

Impact Recycling Partners Chief Revenue Officer, Mary Linn Leonards, introduces us to a circular economy alive, well and in action at businesses locally and around the country. She shares remarkable examples of extending the lives of consumables that reduce waste from our grocery stores, hotels and breweries. Her company is reclaiming the value in our ... Read more


Rain Gardens – for your Watershed and your Birds

Rain Gardens are a way to work with nature to reduce flooding and water runoff.  They also filter pollutants.  In addition to doing all that work, they create an excellent habitat for birds and butterflies. However, a rain garden must be designed and installed with careful consideration or more problems may arise.  Master Watershed Steward ... Read more


Protecting our Environment with Native Trees

Learn the benefits, methods and opportunities for each of us to help our environment by planting native trees. Tami Jo Shimp, VP for Development and Community Relations for Berks Nature, addresses species preferred for planting projects, where planting is occurring, Berks Nature's recipe for tree success, conservation projects around the Berks County region, and volunteer ... Read more

Fuel Cells: Renewable Energy’s Silent Partner

Fuel cells are one of Renewable Energy's silent partners in providing power on demand to our needs in industry, at home and on the road. Fuel cells produce electricity from fuels at high efficiency and without combustion, leading to significant fuel economy and sustainability benefits across an array of applications. Many fuel cells operate on ... Read more


Which Way is Offshore Wind Blowing?

Three years ago Offshore Wind was taking off in New Jersey. Then it appeared to stall under a cloud of controversy. What happened to that energy and which way is offshore wind headed now? Join our wind resource, Doug Copeland, share the inside scope about which way offshore wind is really blowing in New Jersey ... Read more

Into the Dark Skies

As much as plants and animals need light, they need the dark. We all need the night. Mark Grosz, from DarkSky International, brings us into the night for an illuminating journey into the impact of our night lights and to learn how to share the night to enrich ourselves and nature. This presentation was recorded ... Read more