Regenerative Vertical Farming Practices

Learn how Adragone Aeroponics family farm in Chester County is reshaping regenerative agriculture to conserve land and water with aeroponics while integrating it with regenerative waste recovery for a more sustainable future.  Home grown solutions that can work around the world. You can learn more about home scale biodigesters from Jody Spangler and Janice Kelsey … Continue reading "Regenerative Vertical Farming Practices"


Jack’s Solar Garden

We thought it had to be Solar versus Plants, but put them in a field together in the right conditions and you just might get Jack's Solar Garden. Byron Kominek showed how these two can play together in the growing field of Agrivoltaics. Byron Kominek, Director of the Colorado Agrivoltaic Learning Center, talked about the growing … Continue reading "Jack’s Solar Garden"


Clean Fuel for Airports and Seaports, the Next Frontier in Sustainability

Some of the most polluting industries in the world are aviation and maritime.  In our global society with our desire to travel to and acquire from everywhere, we are dependent upon powerful and fuel-hungry ships and airplanes. Taming their fossil fuel demand is a daunting task.  Thankfully, The Port of Seattle is becoming a beacon … Continue reading "Clean Fuel for Airports and Seaports, the Next Frontier in Sustainability"


Open Mic Night – Colleges Share Their Accomplishments in Sustainability

Our local colleges have been hard at work coming up with ways to reduce their carbon footprints and the results have been significant.  They share their accomplishments in the presentation below.  Our featured panelists and presenters include the following: Delicia Nahman, Director of Sustainability, Lafayette CollegeDelicia will share Lafayette’s two recent constructed LEED-Gold certified green … Continue reading "Open Mic Night – Colleges Share Their Accomplishments in Sustainability"

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Bringing that Charging Station to a Corner Near You

This event was recorded: Below is a copy of the presentation slides for download. EVs are coming! Are we ready? While we search for that cool, affordable electric vehicle, how are we going to keep it charged at home, at work, shopping and also for those road trips? Join us to learn what charging infrastructure … Continue reading "Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Bringing that Charging Station to a Corner Near You"

Offshore Wind Blowing Our Way

Offshore wind is critical to our Renewable Energy future. Finally that future is blowing our way. The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities has just has just awarded Atlantic Shores the contract to build 1.5GW of clean energy off the coast of New Jersey. Learn first hand about developing the first large scale offshore wind … Continue reading "Offshore Wind Blowing Our Way"