Recycling and the Circular Economy

Impact Recycling Partners Chief Revenue Officer, Mary Linn Leonards, introduces us to a circular economy alive, well and in action at businesses locally and around the country. She shares remarkable examples of extending the lives of consumables that reduce waste from our grocery stores, hotels and breweries. Her company is reclaiming the value in our … Continue reading "Recycling and the Circular Economy"


Walk in Penn’s Woods

Walk in Penn’s Woods is for people across Pennsylvania to visit and learn about the forests that enhance our well-being. Forests are always working for us, providing recreation, wildlife habitat, beauty, improved water quality, clean air, wood products, carbon storage, and more. Walks are offered in various locations throughout the state at various times. For … Continue reading "Walk in Penn’s Woods"


Touring the SEF Net-zero Green Headquarters

Tour of the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) new net-zero green headquarters where solar electric, solar thermal, sustainable building design and materials all integrate into a net-zero energy-use building. Following our tour, Larry Eighmy, Chairman of the SEF Board, presented "Tools for Living More Sustainably." Portions of this event were recorded. You can watch Larry Eigmy's … Continue reading "Touring the SEF Net-zero Green Headquarters"

How We Can Save Billions of Birds

Billions of birds are killed or seriously injured by windows, some leaving no trace of the impact for us to even become aware of our folly. Learn how we can better understand the dynamics and perceptions of birds so that we can save birds from the windows that are killing them from Author, Ornithologist, and … Continue reading "How We Can Save Billions of Birds"


Examining the Visionary Climate Provisions of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act

Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in 2022 was a huge step forward for the U.S. on the path to a net-zero economy. The IRA affects all sectors and addresses both greenhouse emissions and the need for carbon dioxide removal. Karl Hausker explores several IRA provisions that are still contentious within climate policy circles, … Continue reading "Examining the Visionary Climate Provisions of the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act"


Bringing Permaculture to Your Home and Garden

Permaculture has many benefits for your home and garden.  It has also evoked a variety of responses and applications.  Dan Jones, in discussion with Diana Ortiz Burns, brings his long experience creating garden landscapes to introduce the opportunities and benefits of permaculture.  Dan will cover the many definitions and expressions of permaculture. What permaculture is, … Continue reading "Bringing Permaculture to Your Home and Garden"



Learn why wind and solar haven't displaced fossil fuels faster, how Microrgrids fit into the power structure, and what forces and stakeholders are needed to make Microgrids successful. Smart Microgrids can enhance grid resilience, energy reliability and sustainability, and accelerate the adoption and deployment of more zero-emissions energy sources.  Join us to learn how various … Continue reading "Microgrids"

If You Plant Them They Will Come

Learn how the plants you plant will attract the pollinators you need to support a healthy and vibrant backyard ecosystem. Master Gardener, Jane Shull, takes us on her journey into the world of butterflies and other pollinators made possible by the plants she cultivated to support all the stages of each pollinator’s life-cycle. It’s love … Continue reading "If You Plant Them They Will Come"


Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants

Invasive plants grow rapidly, spread aggressively, and displace our native plants. They can cause a decline in species diversity, inhibit regeneration success, slow natural succession, and degrade wildlife habitats, directly impacting food webs. This presentation will discuss why we should all be concerned about invasive plants, particularly if we are interested in songbirds. An integrated … Continue reading "Identifying and Controlling Invasive Plants"