FREE Solar Array Looking for Good Home!


MAREA seeks a suitable applicant for the re-installation of a 2.4 kilowatt (kW) solar array at a site where the system can continue to produce electricity from the sun. This site ideally would also provide educational value, both in the reinstallation and in the system’s continuing operation. Selected applicant will receive components described below, for free.

Proposals will be judged on the following considerations:

  • Perceived ability to successfully redeploy the system,
  • Perceived need and value to the proposing organization
  • Educational value of the redeployment process (typical process is a workshop-based installation for paid and/or unpaid attendees, but other approaches are very acceptable)
  • Educational value of the location to increasing the public’s awareness and acceptance of distributed solar generation
  • Willingness and ability to invest in the redeployment costs, which include obtaining a Township or Municipality permit to install; interconnect application with the local utility, as needed; qualified electrician to wire the components, set up the inverter and connect to the grid (or batteries) per established electrical code; mounting hardware and safety systems.


  • 12 200 watt (W) Solar Panels (approximately 30 inches by 60 inches)
  • 1 Inverter to interconnect the panels with the electric grid (battery interconnection would require a different inverter)
  • Mounting brackets for the 12 panels, suitable for many but not all roofs
  • Components will have to be picked up by the successful applicant at a stored location a few miles south of Allentown, PA.


MAREA installed this solar panel array on the roof of the Kempton Fire Company in June 2007.  It produced electricity for the Fire Department reliably until a change in the building required the removal of the panels.  The panels should last another 20 years or more.  The inverter is not expected to last as long as the panels.  It is no longer under warranty as the company that made it is no longer in business.

MAREA (the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy Association) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and engaging the public and advocating for renewable energy production, energy efficiency and sustainable living.  MAREA is very interested in perpetuating the value of this solar array for our local area.  We will assist the successful bidder of this RFP in making the project a success.  However, we lack the finances and personnel to redeploy this system.  The successful bidder must have the financial and personnel resources to make it a successful system.  The successful bidder will become the new owner of this solar array.

Please email your proposal to  For questions regarding this RFP, please email or call us at 484-646-3295. Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2018.