Ross A. Lee, PhD

Ross Lee, Professor of Practice, Villanova Sustainable Engineering program, teaches Sustainable Materials, Biomimicry and Engineering Entrepreneurship courses. He has advised over 60 MS research students and is currently advising 10 PhD students in research areas spanning circularity, carbon neutrality and resilient sustainable systems. Since joining Villanova in 2008, he has authored or coauthored over 15 peer reviewed publications in Sustainable Engineering and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Ross also serves as the faculty lead in multiple RISE (Resilient Innovation through Sustainable Engineering) projects, collaborating with various industry partners and advising students to provide high quality deliverables. He plays an important role in identifying innovative sustainable solutions to the corporate members and in maintaining the relationship to enable internships and sponsored MS and PhD research. Ross has been awarded various research grants from the federal, state and corporate sectors.

Ross is also a Senior Consultant for Packaging Technology and Integrated Solutions, the Science and Technology Lead for the Future of Packaging consortia and a Senior Advisor for Exothermix, Inc. where he helped develop and commercialize a new safe, self-heating technology.

Ross Lee graduated with a BS in Chemistry at the University of Rochester and PhD in Organic Chemistry from Michigan State University. Employed by the DuPont Company for over 36 years, retiring in July 2009 as Director of Technology and New Business Development for Packaging and Industrial Polymers, Ross’s work spanned a variety of new technology, new product and new business developments including films, resins and innovative packaging systems. In 2008 he was awarded the DuPont Sustainability Excellence Award for establishing an alliance to provide a renewably sourced and biodegradable thermoplastic starch offering. Collectively he has been awarded over 35 patents and publications during the span of his career.