Start Activities in Your Area

At MAREA, we have learned the power and joy of working with a community to address climate change and to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable living.  Community is important to starting dialog, education and group action.  Every time we organize an event, we are enriched not just by the program, but also by how much we learn from the participants’ experiences with a technology, tool supplier or skill.  By sharing the combined resources of the community, we all benefit.  That works for selecting and installing solar panels and for buying a better bathroom exhaust fan.

We recognize the physical limits and the environmental impact of reaching communities across our region.  This website is one way we hope to reach and involve those who cannot travel to our meetings and events.  We also encourage you to organize your own meetings and events for your local community.  We would like to help you in any way we can.  So please talk to us if you think we can help you organize your own community meetings and/or events. We look forward to hearing from you!