Help us to fulfill the MAREA Mission

We sure could use your help!

If you have the time and interest, we could use your help, enthusiasm and ideas! We’re working to design volunteer positions that are well defined, well supported and bite-sized, not taking up tooooo much of any one person’s time. If you have the time and interest in helping with one of the roles below, or have other ideas, please contact us.  Thank you! MAREA appreciates your help and, if asked, will provide references confirming your MAREA contributions to prospective employers or schools.


MAREA Monthly Meeting Support

To help MAREA’s monthly meetings grow and continue to run smoothly, this thoughtful person(s) will help with setup and clean up, coordinate refreshments, distribute information, handle sign-up sheet, and count heads! This work will take place at MAREA monthly meetings, held at TEKPark in Breinigsville, PA on the last Tuesday of each month.

Event Coordinator(s)

In this Outreach role, volunteer will organize plans for MAREA to have a table or booth at area events related to sustainability and renewable energy. This person will schedule themselves and other volunteers to cover the table or booth during event hours, and be sure the booth gets setup and taken down on time. MAREA will provide all booth materials and training, and cover event registration fees. Usually about one event per month. We’ll give you all the support you need. Great opportunity to meet others, work in the Community, do good, and have fun!

Online Researcher and Tracker(s)

MAREA is interested in monitoring many online news and information outlets, including events, calendars, grants, other funding opportunities, etc. A volunteer in this role would regularly check a specified list of sources for news and information of interest to MAREA. This work is all on-line and can be done from any location. Your help with these things could make a big difference!


MAREA is always looking to offer more educational opportunities, such as classes, workshops, tours, demonstrations, etc. If you have skills and interest in a topic relevant to renewable energy and sustainability and think you may be interested in teaching others, let us know! We will work with you to determine a fit and create the opportunity. (Depending on circumstances, compensation may be possible for these positions.)

Grant Writer(s)

MAREA has an excellent track record of winning grants for which we have applied. We need help doing more of this. If you have Grant Writing experience or interest, we could use your help. We have a good team to support you with information, history and guidance. This work may be done from any location.

Audio/Visual Expert(s)

This person will provide needed (and much appreciated!) technical expertise and assistance for recording of monthly meetings (TEK Park, last Tuesday of each month) and other MAREA events. veracole@comcast.net

Board Members

Here’s information about serving on the board of MAREA