Where does your money go?


Solar panel installation workshop at the Kempton Fire Company

MAREA conducts small group workshops on practical alternative energy projects throughout the year. Learn from experts in the field. Your donation is helping to educate, and spread the word about renewable energy.

MAREA members receive a 10% discount on workshops

Community Education

Public meeting on local agriculture at TEK Park, Breinigsville, PA

MAREA works within the community to educate the public about renewable energy and sustainability through events and workshops. Your membership supports this important work. We also conduct monthly meetings at TEK Park in Brienigsville, PA
These include speakers and demonstrations on energy and sustainable living. Your donation supports this important work.

I think this is gone?
The Pennsylvania Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival

The three day festival promotes renewable energy, green building,

Wind turbine installation workshop at the Kempton Community Center

organic farming, sustainable living, alternative transportation and green political awareness through speakers, exhibitors, workshops, demonstrations, and vendors. Your donation helps us with operating costs and allows us to bring in quality speakers and entertainment at the festival.