The Wind Turbine is Flying High at the Kempton Community Center

Raising the Tower

The Installation of a 3.7 Skystream Wind Turbine was completed at the Kempton Community Recreation Center in Kempton, PA on Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In a workshop sponsored by MAREA, students learned the basics of small, grid-tied residential wind-turbine systems, site selection and design, the permit process, electrical safety and installation of a Skystream 3.7 wind turbine with a 50-foot monopole tilt-up Tec Wind tower under the supervision of experienced electricians.

3.7 Skystream Wind Turbine flying high at the Kempton Community Center

The three-day workshop included classroom instruction, assembly and practice raising of the tower, installation of the wind turbine and wiring to intertie with the local utility.

The class was taught by master electrician and community college instructor Jenny Heinzen. Jenny has been a speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living Festival and is a renewable energy and apprentice electrician instructor at Lakeshore Technical College in Wisconsin.

Lee Kauffman, a partner at Berks Solar, LLC , supervised the installation. Lee has 25 years commercial and industrial electrical experience in the Berks County area.